Construction Interior Services Noida


Construction building is the process of adding structure to real property. Construction can be of different types like – residential construction, commercial construction, corporate office construction, factory construction, warehouse construction, cinema hall and multiplex construction, shopping mall construction, etc. The design of various constructions is different from each other. You just need to tell us what you need, we will take care of the rest. 
We have expert construction designers who have worked in different projects and always received positive feedback from our clients.

Design Your Way came up as leading company for quality construction and infrastructure. Over the years, we have completed a number of projects in NCR. Er. Peeyush Grag is our chief design consultant and under his expert guidance, our engineers work to transform your dream into reality. We work on different types of projects like – New Construction, POP, Tiles, Interior & Exterior work, Electrical, New Floor, Duplex, etc.

New Construction: If you are looking to build new construction like flats, residential building or any commercial building, you can always contact us. From making construction to interior decoration, we will look after everything for you.

POP: POP service is part of interior decoration. It provides beautiful decoration to the house. POP or Plaster of Paris is another service that we provide to our clients.

Tiles: No matter how much you design the interior of your house; beautiful flooring is the most important part of your decoration. The use of natural stone in the floor gives your house a stylish and smart look.

Interior & Exterior work: Interior and exterior decoration of your house provides you a healthy and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to your house. Our interior decoration service includes the decoration of your bed room, living room, kitchen, dining space and drawing room. From choosing the proper color for the walls, giving suitable light effect, space management – we take care of everything you need.  We also provide painting and designing service for the exterior of your house.

Electrical: Installing electrical equipment and proving electric connection is another important part in the interior construction work. We are tied up with number electrical engineers and mechanics who are well-known for proving all electrical help you need.

Duplex: A duplex is a residential house divided into two separate apartments and having separate entrances for each apartment. We provide unique duplex construction service in Noida and its surrounding areas.

Er. Peeyush Garg
Retd. Engineer, BRO ( Border Road Organization)